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WordPress Security Tips

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"wordpress-security-tips"Many people that own a WordPress site do not even think about security, as they think there is a very low chance that their website will ever get attacked by a hacker. Sadly, this is not true and it happens much more then you probably think it does. Below are some great WordPress security tips that you can follow to make sure your site stays secure.

Use Strong Passwords

Using a strong password is very important in every situation. Your entire website’s security depends on the password that you use and if it is strong enough. The password should use lowercase letter, uppercase letter, number, and special symbol. It should also be very unique and as long as you can make¬† it. Do not use one single word, a birthday, or any kind of personal information when choosing your password. Try to use at least eight characters. The longer it is the harder it is for someone to guess.

Always Keep WordPress Updated

WordPress puts out updates for a good reason. If they find any kind of vulnerability in their software, their development team works quickly to find a fix for it and then will release the updated version to everyone. When you notice there is an update available for WordPress, take the time to update as soon as you can. It only takes a few minutes, and can save you from a lot of trouble if your website gets hacked because you are using an outdated version of WordPress.

Beware of Malicious Themes or Plugins

Most of the themes and plugins on the WordPress site are perfectly fine to use, but there are some that contain malicious code. In most cases, this code is hidden using some type of encryption so you cannot easily detect it. This is why you should always only download themes or plugins from trusted sources.

Disable File Editing

As an administrator on WordPress, you have the right to edit plugin and theme files. This feature is useful for some very quick edits to your posts. A hacker also finds this feature very useful, because they can use it to edit PHP files and send out malicious code to your site.

By following the above tips your WordPress site should be more secure. Just remember that you can never be 100% protected from any hacker. You should always be very careful in everything that you do with your WordPress site.


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