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Why You Need a Facebook Business Page

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"facebook business page"With the amount of people that are using Facebook today you need to have a Facebook business page. Children, young adults, and older adults are all using Facebook on a day to day basis, and many of them are addicted to it. More and more people are signing up with Facebook each and every day. You are definitely missing out on opportunities if you do not have a Facebook business page.

Facebook has over 600 million users and over half of them sign onto Facebook on a daily basis. Your business should be where your customers are correct? Facebook is the place to be. Think about all of your customers and potential customers that sign onto Facebook each and every day.

Think about your Facebook business page as a huge billboard in the middle of the busiest city, and it is completely free. You can find your customers there, as well as your friends. You can also say much more on your Facebook business page than you can a small billboard.

Better yet, search engines love Facebook Business Pages. A business page is considered a public URL and not a private one, so your site has a much easier time getting to the top of a Google search than your personal website. This is not in every case, of course. If you have been smart and have invested a lot of money in SEO your personal site is probably already on the first page of Google and that is fine. I’m just saying it is much easier to get your Facebook Business page on the first page without spending a lot of money to get it there.

Your competition may already have a Facebook business page set up, and not because they want to share their favorite television shows. The Like button is the new Link. You can look at the Like button in Facebook as significant as backlinks on your website. The more Likes your Facebook business page gets, the higher you rank in the search engines.

There are many more reasons that you should create a Facebook business page. If you haven’t started already think about something else for a minute. The average Facebook page has 150 friends, and many more have more than that. When you post to Facebook, your friends and all of their friends see your post. Are you thinking viral? You should be and you should get started on building your Facebook business page and get people to Like you.

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