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Want to Be a Freelancer?

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"freelancing tips"A freelancer is someone that is self-employed that works from home or from other space. There are many more freelancers today than there were 20 years ago. There are many offers for freelancers, and they can choose from such jobs as freelance writing, Internet marketing, website flipping, blogging, web design, and many others. There are also many websites that serve as a go-between for freelancers and their employers, such as odesk and freelancer.com.

Your Work at Home Space

A freelancer can work from anywhere in their home, such as a home office, bedroom, or even the kitchen. You can also work in a public area that has Wi-Fi, such as a cafe or library. Many people choose to set up an office space in their home, whether it is a separate complete office with a door, or a corner in the kitchen. For example, if you are a freelance writer, you may require some quiet office space where you will not be interrupted. A small office with a door that you can shut may be needed. If you are a person that can handle distractions easily, you may be able to work in a corner of a room if you do not have the extra space for an office.

If you deal with customers on the phone, such as in customer service, a quiet place is required. If you do not have the space for an office, you may need to setup an area in the corner of another room that has a door that you can shut. Having a private working area helps you with your concentration, as well as helps in productivity. The environment that you work in should have a mild temperature and be comfortable for you. You also need to have a computer desk and comfortable chair, as well as plenty of outlets for your computer, Internet access and phone lines.

Separating Professional and Personal Life

As a freelancer you have to be able to manage your time effectively. In most cases, you will be able to work when you want. Many people, for example, work early in the morning and then later in the afternoon. Other people may work a straight eight hours. Other people, with small children, may work at night while their children are asleep. You also need to be able to separate your work and personal life while you are freelancing. You also should not work so many hours that you neglect your personal life completely, or miss too much sleep. This can lead to less productive work on your part.

You should also take breaks throughout the day. Never sit at your desk for eight or more hours straight without taking any kind of break. You should take your lunch break, or get up from your desk and walk around for a few minutes and stretch your muscles. You know what your peak hours are. Some people work best in the mornings, while others work best at night. Organize your schedule so you can work the most hours during your peak hours.

Freelancing can be very rewarding but it is not for everyone. Not everyone has the discipline that it takes to be your own boss.

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