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Start Making Money Through Google

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Long time back, somewhere in 2005, I read in a forum that we can now make money online. Reading this I went speechless as I was just not able to understand how somebody can earn money that easily, just by sitting at the ease of your home. However, then after a lot of research and analysis, I realized that it is possible to make money on internet.

With time there were many techniques and methods introduced in the market to achieve this. In all these years, I have completely transformed from knowing nothing to making lot of money with many companies like Google, eBay and the list goes on. There are lots of people who are making money online with Google by promoting these programs. Another way by which people are minting money is by using Google as the main source of getting maximum hits or traffic to their websites.

How to start making money using these methods?

The basic requirement to make money with Google is that you should have your own website. In today’s world this isn’t a difficult task at all. You just need to go through an eBook which will teach you how to create your own website in a very simple, easy and economical way. The money flows by producing clicks for the people who want to advertise their products. This can be achieved in two ways, by using Google search engine; on your or other people’s websites known as Google Ad Sense.

Google actually lets people who have their own websites put the ads on these websites so that when a visitor hits that page and clicks on that ad, Google gets paid. And, what do you get? When Google gets paid by these clicks, it shares its earnings with the website owners. So, all you have to do here is to create your own website and place Google ads on it so that when any visitor comes and clicks these ads, both Google and you get paid. The amount that you earn varies. These visitors come from various sources.

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Google is known as one of the biggest traffic source. Today, almost all the people use Google whenever they want to search for anything. If your site is shown in the Google search results, there is a huge possibility that visitors will pay a visit to your website and at least 5-10% of them will click on the ads which will get you earnings.

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