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SEO Tips You Might Find Useful

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"seo tips you might find useful"Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very large topic and can take time to learn everything you need to know about it. Below are some SEO tips you might find useful for your online business that you can learn pretty quickly.

The first thing you need to learn about is keywords. You can use the free tool by Google called the Google AdWords Keyword tool. Another tip that I have learned that works very well for keywords is say you want to find out keywords that are related to diet pills. Navigate to Google and type in diet pills and look at the results. Next type in diet pills a, and then type in diet pills b, then diet pills c and so on. You will see a wide variety of potential keywords that is directly related to diet pills that you can use. This actually shows you much more than simply using the Google Adwords too. Write down some of the new keywords that you just found and then use the Google Adwords tool to look at the search volume for them.

Once per month or so visit two to three of each of the following blog site types: .com, .net, .info, .org, .gov, and .edu. This can get a little tedious but it really works and gives you very good backlinks. Here’s how you find the right sites. Type into the Google search tool: site: .com inurl: blog “post a comment” – “comments closed” – “you must be logged in” “business”. You can substitute business for marketing if you want and swap the .com with whatever site type you’re looking for.This will help you find many blogs types that you will find helpful. Look through a few of them and find one that you can make a useful comment on. The blog should be in the same topic as your website, and you should make relevant and helpful comments.

You can also use social media to link to one of your best articles and pages on your website. Just by having two or three social media links can make a big difference in how your website ranks.

You should also make use of YouTube for SEO purposes. In the latest Google update they now look at videos as more important than articles, and Google actually owns YouTube. The only rule you have to follow when posting videos is that they are kept clean. For example, there is no minimum length to your videos that you have to follow.

By following these SEO tips you should increase your page rank for your website. SEO can be difficult to learn, but doing just a little SEO can make a big difference in how your page ranks in the search engines.


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