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Put Your Business on Facebook

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"facebook business page"Social media is a great way for a business to advertise online. Facebook is just one avenue that you can use to help promote any online business. Putting your business on Facebook is a great choice and it is very simple for you to do. The best way to put your online business on Facebook is by creating a Facebook fan page, also known as a Facebook business page.

Create a Profile

If you already have a Facebook account as many people do you will not need to do this step. If you do not,however, currently have a Facebook account you will need to create your online profile. You can sigh up for your Facebook account by navigating to Facebook. You can also create a business account once you create a personal account. You should know that with a business account you cannot add friends or write on anyone’s wall unless they are a fan of your business page.

Create the Page

After you log into Facebook, scroll down to the bottom of your homepage and find the Create the Page link. This link is sometimes hard for people to find. You will see a row of links starting with About, Advertising, and then the Create a Page link is the third one. Once you click the link you will have to enter in many different options. You only need to worry about what is in the first two sections. Select the correct options that go well with your business.

Upload Your Photo

You can upload your business logo or any other type of photo here. The photograph should go well with your business if you do not have a business logo to use. You should always include a photograph on your Facebook business page.


Now that you have your Facebook business page, you will need fans for it to be considered a success. You can start out by inviting your Facebook friends to your page. You should also invite any type of customers that you have whether they are previous or current customers. People click the Like button to become a fan of your page. When they click the Like button it is also posted on their wall for all of their friends to see. Each person that Likes your page announces it to their group of friends.

Basic Information

In this section you will put your business information, such as your address, city, state, etc. You should also write a brief paragraph about your business, what you do and what you can provide to your customers.

Be sure that you constantly update your Facebook business page and offer content that people will like, which will make them push the Like button.

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