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Legitimate Way to Make Money Online


If there is one fairly common and legitimate way to make money online, it’s through blogs. The word blog seems a bit too short, though, for a concept that’s somewhat far-ranging. A blog is just an ongoing chronicle of information, but the kind of information you can post is virtually unlimited.

You can blog about any subject in the world, and you can post opinion and rants, or informative articles and detailed instructions. You can post links to other sites and articles, or you can review them. You can post documents, images, songs, and videos. Because of the virtually unlimited nature of blogs, you can theoretically attract a lot of people to visit your site, and those visitors are your key as to why blogs are one of the real ways to make money online.

Setting Up Your Blog

Putting up a blog is easy, and the great thing about it is that you don’t have to go to an office to do it. You can make money from home through your blog. You just visit free sites like Blogger or WordPress, and you get detailed instructions on how to set up your blog the way you like it.

Creating the Content

The content is the heart of your blog, and the main reason why people would want to visit your site. In order to be more popular, your content has to be unique as well as interesting. Many people find it a pain to post original content on a frequent and regular basis, and this is why you have to pick a subject that interests you. You also a certain familiarity with the topics you discuss, so you can limit the number of hours you have to spend on research.

Sometimes a blog can solicit posts from visitors. If you’re a writer and you are also familiar with the topic, you can hire out your services as an online writer for blogs. This is a very legitimate way to make money online, and you don’t even have to maintain your own blog.

Monetizing Your Blog

Now we come to the fun part if you have your own blog—a legitimate way to make money online. There are many ways of doing this, although the most popular usually involve advertising networks and being a middleman.

Advertising networks—there are lots of them, although Google AdSense is the most well-known—place ads and banners on your site. These networks take note of what your blog is all about and then they place ads that your visitors are most likely to be interested in. payment schemes differ. You may earn money earn money for each person that views a page in which the ad appears, for each click on a banner ad, or for every time a sale is completed after an ad is clicked by one of your visitors.

You can also play a more active role in encouraging your visitors to make a purchase so you get a commission. You can write a review on a product (to make it more sellable, you might make an effort to laud it), and then you can feature a link to the product so the visitor can purchase it. Amazon Associates, for example, is a legitimate way to make money online, and your review can send a reader to an Amazon link where they can buy the product.


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