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How to Use the Google Keywords Tool

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"google keywords tool"If you are learning affiliate marketing or are new to the business, one tool that you should know how to use from the start is the Google Keywords Tool. This tool is completely free to use. It is not perfect and it does have a few problems, but overall you can use this tool to find the best keywords to use on your websites. Keywords is what helps drive traffic to your website so this is very important. It is very time consuming to do all of this manually, and using the Google Keywords Tool can save you time.

You should first start out with a broad search to get the best results with this tool. You should not start out using high specific keywords when starting out your research. The best way to use the Google Keywords Tool is to drill down broad results to get a keyword phrase. You can do this by using the synonym tool, which will give you many different variations and suggestions for a keyword.

You should learn to use the filters with the tool. Make sure you focus filter out what interests you. This is easily done by sorting the keywords in descending order using the Global Monthly Searches filter. This will place the keywords that have the highest search volume first. Check the only show ideas closely related to search terms check box, or you may end up with a lot of keywords that have nothing to do with your site.

People do not always use the same exact keywords when they search for something online. Everyone uses different keywords. For this reason, you should analyze frequently targeted keywords. People will not always only use your primary keyword when searching.

You can use the Google Keyword Tool to search for keywords by entering the URL of your website also. This feature is very helpful in that it shows you what keywords people are using that make them click on your website. This can actually help you see keywords they are using that you may not have thought about.

Create a keyword list of at least three sets of keyword searches is very important. If you divide your keywords into different groups you can add the most competitive terms in the first group, keywords with a little less competition in the second group, and the least competitive keywords in the last group. This can help you prioritize your research goals and allows you to only focus on the best keywords.


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