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How to Put Your Online Business on Facebook

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"How to Put Your Online Business on Facebook"If your online business is not on Facebook then you are missing out. Facebook can help your online business in many different ways. Below I show you exactly how to put your online business on Facebook to help you use the power of social media for your business.

The easiest way to put your online business on Facebook first is by creating a Facebook business page, also called a Facebook fan page. Follow the simple steps below to create a Facebook fan page for your business:

Create a Profile

If you already have a Facebook account as most people do you will not need to do this step. If you do not have a Facebook account, however, you can simply navigate to the Facebook website and sign up for one. You can then create your profile during the set up of your account.

The difference between a regular Facebook account and a business acount is that with a business account you cannot add friends or write on their walls. The only way you can do this is if that friend is a fan of your business page.

Click the Create A Page Link

This link may be hard to find at first. When you log into Facebook scroll down to the very bottom of the homepage. You should see a row of links here, such as About, Advertising, and then the third link is the Create a Page link.

Choose Either a Local Business or Large Corporation/Organization Page Type

Once you click the Create a Page link you will see many different options. In this case, you are only interested in the first two options. Select the type of business that you are in, whether it is large or small, etc.

Upload a Photo

Uploading a photo to your Facebook business page is important. This photo could be your business logo, or any type of photo that is related to your business. People like to see photos so make sure that you add one.

Get Fans

Having fans for your Facebook business page is what  makes it successful. You can start off by inviting friends that are familiar with your business. Invite anyone that you can possibly think of at this point. The more fans you have the better you will be. How this happens is people that want to be a fan of your page will click the Like button. When they click the Like button it is then posted on their Facebook wall, as well as their friends’ News feeds. One person can expose your Facebook fan page to every one of their friends, and this keeps repeating itself for each person that Likes your page.

Input Basic Info

This is pretty simple. You only need to enter information about your business, such as the business address, city, state, etc. You should write a small paragraph about what your business does, etc.

That is all you have to do to get your business on Facebook. It only takes you a few minutes and it is very much worth it. Learn how to use the power of social media to help your business become even more successful.


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