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How to Market Your Business on Facebook

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"facebook to markete business"When Facebook first came out years ago mostly college kids used it, It then moved on to high school and then much younger children. Adults then started using it for personal reasons and to catch up with old friends. Now, more and more companies are using Facebook as a way to market their business. If you own your own business, you should use Facebook to help your business grow.

According to O’Reilly Media, the number of Facebook users between the ages of 35 and 44 has increased by 51% over the past few years. Facebook users between the ages of 45 and 45 increased by 47%, and the number of Facebook users between 26 and 34 increased by 36%. Over half of the millions of Facebook users are adults that are out of college.

According to these statistics, Facebook is not just for college kids. This is enough reason for you to use Facebook to market your business. You can use it to help you gain more clients, help you stay in touch with your current clients, and promote sales offers and new products.

Facebook has many different tools that you can use to market your business. Facebook business pages and Facebook Groups are two tools that you should learn about if you want to use Facebook to help market your business.

Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages can be used to create your business profile on Facebook and it is completely free to use. You can use Facebook Pages to showcase your business to all of the Facebook users, and you can consider this free advertising. People can become fans of your Facebook page, and this allows them to receive any type of updates that you post to your page. One of the best things about Facebook Pages is that when someone becomes a fan of your page, it lets all of your friends know that they have become a fan. This helps to attract other people to your page and helps get people talking about your business. You can share information about your company, as well as post videos, pictures, messages, or applications. Any activity that you do on your page is broadcast out to all of your followers.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are built around a group of people instead of your business. It is very simple to create a Facebook group. Log into your Facebook account, and click the Groups link on the left side of the page. You can use Facebook Groups for your business but you cannot have fans to your group. People become members of your Facebook group in stead of fans. The downside to using groups instead of pages is that you cannot broadcast information out to all of your fans.


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