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How to Make Money Using Revenue Share Writing Sites

"how to make money using revenue share writing sites"There are many different ways a person can make money online, including using revenue share writing  websites. Revenue share is a way to make money online where you share revenue with websites that host your content. The income you make from revenue share sites is also known as passive income or residual income. This basically means you are receiving money from these sites when you are not actually working. Writers can easily earn money from these types of websites each month. Some websites offer pay based on ad clicks or the amount of page views that you receive each month.

Ad Click Revenue or Cost Per Click (CPC)

There are websites that will pay you for each time an ad is clicked, such as Suite101. Google Adsense ads or other types of advertisements are placed on your online articles. If a user that is reading your article clicks on one of these ads, you will receive a percentage of the money made from the ad click. It works much better if you wrote an article in an area that has a high cost per click for each ad. The income that you make is based  on ad clicks. If no one clicks on the ads then you will not earn anything. Even if you have several thousand page views you will not earn much money.

The Pay Per Page Views Revenue Model Writing Sites

Pay per page views is another way you can make a passive income with writing articles. This model pays you for the amount of page views your article receives. The views can come from Google or other search engines. News type articles work very well with this type of revenue, celebrity gossip, technology articles, or anything that has a high volume search phase can easily get you thousands of page views each day. Associated Content, which is part of the Yahoo network, offers one of the best pay per view models.

Which Residual Income Model is Right for You

The main goal for an online writer to have this type of income is to earn money each month without having to worry about writing articles and selling them, or working long hours. You basically write one article and then let that article make you money over and over each month, which is why it is known as a passive income. If you have several articles that are doing well written you can make very good money in this way.  Make sure the online writing site that you choose has a very good Google rank.

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