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How to Keep the Customers that Visit your Website

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"How to Keep the Customers that Visit your Website"If you have an online business you need to learn how to keep the customers that visit your website. It is a known fact that most people that visit your site do not purchase anything. Only approximately two percent of the people that visit your site do buy something from you. There are reasons that people don’t buy something and there is something that you can do about it. There is also things that you can do to ensure that they keep coming back to your site.

The main reason people visit a website is to find out information and to find answers to a question that they have. They are not able to contact you directly so they navigate to your website.

In the way the economy is today people are much more hesitant to spend any money. They are always thinking they can find a better deal somewhere else so they leave your site without purchasing anything. Once someone leaves your site, the chances are very slim that they will come back.

It is very easy for people to surf the web to find the best deal that they can. Most people look for the best bargain so they can save money. People also won’t purchase from a website or person that they don’t trust or know.  They are always more apt to purchase something from a website they know and trust.

When someone visits your website you can have them opt-in so you can capture their name. You can then start building a relationship with that person so that they will trust you. This is also called email marketing and it is very effective in the online marketing world.

Some of the reasons people do not return if you do not make any type of effort is because they easily forget the site they visited or they are simply busy. They also may have other similar offers coming into their email inbox. Competition is very high on the Internet. Anyone can do a simple Google search, and if your website is not listed on the first page you will lose a sale.

Automate your business using email marketing. You simply set this up one time and then you can forget it. Let people know that you want their business, and that you would love to work with them. Reach out and connect with the visitors to your website by setting up email marketing. Offer them some helpful information through email and the will start to trust you.

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