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Earn Passive Income Online – Part 2

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"earn passive income online2"Earning a passive income online can give you freedom in when you work and how much you work. It does require that you put some hard work in from the beginning, but once you build your business you can sit back and wait for the money to come in. You should have more than one stream of online passive income. Below are some more ways you can earn passive income online.

Create Software Products

Software products are a great way to earn passive income online. If you have an idea for a good software product that will help someone with a problem, team people something, you may have something that will be a success for you. You can sell your software on a CD to customers that are in need of it. This can create you a great passive income online.

Advertising Commissions

If you have your own website that has a high volume of traffic from the search engines, you can make passive income online through many different avenues. For example, you can place a banner on your site for a fee. Companies like to place their advertising banners on websites that receive high traffic, and they will pay you good money to do it. You can also place Google AdSense on your website to create a passive income. When someone clicks on one of the Google Adsense ads you get a commission. If you have thousands of clicks on your site you can make a good residual income.

If you have a popular ebook that you are selling, you can offer advertising space in it to customers. You can also place affiliate links in the ebook for different products that you recommend to people.

If you have an ezine that is popular you can offer advertising space in this also. If you have a high number of subscribers to your ezine you can charge even more money for the space.

Pay Per Click

You can make a good online passive income using Pay Per Click campaigns. You can set up a Google Adwords campaign for your affiliate program or product. This is a great way to earn a good passive income if there is not too much competition and the product is in high demand. You can create more than one campaign to make even more money.

There are many ways to make a passive income online and these are just a few of them. Research other ways that you can earn passive income.

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