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WordPress Security Tips

"wordpress-security-tips"Many people that own a WordPress site do not even think about security, as they think there is a very low chance that their website will ever get attacked by a hacker. Sadly, this is not true and it happens much more then you probably think it does. Below are some great WordPress security tips that you can follow to make sure your site stays secure.

Use Strong Passwords


Why It Is Important that You Update WordPress

"important to update wordpress"Many Internet marketers use WordPress for their websites, and it is the most popular platform. It is very important that you keep your WordPress sites updated at all times. I just read in the news how Reuters was hacked due to an outdated WordPress site.

I researched a little more and found hundreds of sites had been hacked, and out of those sites over 90% of them were using outdated WordPress installations. Reuters, for example, had a false story posted on their blog, which told about an interview with a Syrian rebel leader.