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Best Online Businesses – Ingenious Strategies

best online businesses - two strategies

If you want to be self employed and you are searching online for a business opportunity, your biggest challenge is finding the best online businesses that are viable opportunities. According to Dartmouth College, being one’s own boss is a dream that many people have, but less than 10 percent ever achieve. Fear of failure, risk of being scammed, lack of capital or just thinking it’s simply too late to get started are just some of the excuses (Inc.) lists that are keeping people from turning their dream into reality.

Buy Health and Beauty Products Online and Get Cashback

Buy Health and Beauty Products Online and Get CashbackThe health and beauty industry is thriving and you can now even buy health and beauty products online. Your first thought might be to go to manufacturer and brand websites to find the best deals on health and beauty. After all, the name of the game is getting the best brands for the lowest prices. However, you’re likely to find that the brand websites, much like their physical store-fronts, go with the typical suggested retail prices. Don’t despair, though. There are other online resources for finding a terrific deal on your favorite name-brand health and beauty items.

Cell Phone Home Business

Cell Phone Home Business  When you want to work from home, you explore all the possibilities including sending out photocopied letters, selling skin care and even cell phone home business. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be your own boss or wanting more control over your time so that you can earn a living and take care of your family, too. Unfortunately, most of the opportunities turn out to require more of your time than a 9 to 5 job in order to make the kind of money they promise, and some are outright scams.

Buy Pet Supplies Online and Get Cashback

Buy Pet Supplies Online and Get CashbackWith the pet supply industry topping out at around $16 billion, according to IBISWorld, the trend of opening Internet stores so consumers can buy pet supplies online is a logical move. There is only so much real estate in any given city, placing a limit on how many pet supply stores can exist in the “real” world. However, the options for online stores are unlimited. Opening a pet supply shop online also allows a merchant to specialize. While shops that have actual storefronts may have to carry a wide selection of merchandise in order to meet overhead and make a go of it, Internet shops have a much lower cost of doing business. That means if an online pet supply store wants to exclusively sell fuzzy doggy sweaters, they can do it without having to worry that enough dog parents will buy those sweaters to help pay the rent and keep the doors open.

How to Buy Gold Online

How to Buy Gold Online   When the “gurus” tell you how to buy gold online, they say you should find a reputable dealer. Only a few go into much detail as to how to go about that crucial step of the gold buying process, and most simply list the Internet as one option among a handful of where to purchase gold. Ensuring that the gold dealer you’re interested in is legitimate isn’t too difficult, but it does require a time investment. When you’re buying gold to protect your wealth, that’s no time to rush the process.

Cell Phone Business From Home

Cell Phone Business From Home  If you’ve been looking for the best online home business to get into, you may have come across the idea of a cell phone business from home. In 2013 Pew Research reported that over half of adults in America owned a smartphone — and that doesn’t even account for those who have steadfastly held onto other types of mobile phones. With the trend heading toward an entirely mobile society, getting into the cell phone game can be a lucrative move for many entrepreneurs. If your dream has always been to be your own boss and to have a 30 second commute time, maybe it’s time you considered the mobile world.

Buy Electronics Online and Get Cashback

Buy Electronics Online and Get CashbackIt’s so convenient to buy electronics online, even during the holidays stores in shopping malls across the country report weak sales. According to the Wall Street Journal Best Buy reported a reduction in holiday foot traffic of about half of what it was just three years earlier. Although businesses can always point to an increase in competition as part of the reason consumers aren’t visiting physical stores, the biggest reason is that they are shopping online more and more. Comparing prices from several different retailers without having to traipse from store to store is just one benefit of online shopping. Online sales pricing and coupons that aren’t good anywhere but the World Wide Web, along with the convenience of having your purchases delivered to your door are other advantages online shoppers enjoy.

How to Buy Gold Bars

How to Buy Gold Bars  Maybe you’ve joined the millions of people who want to protect their wealth and you’re wondering how to buy gold bars. If his is the first you’ve considered this strategy you’re a little behind the times but not too late to start. The economy and finance website Munkee.com points out that gold dealers in larger cities such as New York and London have gold bars readily available for sale. Don’t worry if you don’t happen to live in or near a bustling metropolis, though. You’ll still be able to find sources for gold bars, you’ll just have to think outside the box.

Cell Phone Home Business Opportunity

Cell Phone Home Business OpportunityWith communications technology moving along at a fast clip, there’s never been more options for a cell phone home business opportunity. New mobile phones are coming out all the time and, with the more advanced technology each offers, the demand is high. This fact alone creates more than one opportunity: start a business selling communications equipment or create a business recycling cell phones. Because there is such a focus on the environment, offering recycling services takes the edge off of guilt consumers might feel for buying the latest and greatest generation of smartphone when their existing mobile phone works just fine. On the other hand, guilty conscience or not, it’s hard to pass up a new gadget that does everything but clean the bathroom.

Buy Furniture Online and Get Cashback

Buy Furniture Online and Get CashbackYou do a lot of internet shopping, but do you ever buy furniture online? Some shy away from doing so because they prefer to see the pieces they’re buying in person. However, most brick and mortar stores have an online presence now. That means you know you can trust the quality of the products and service if you’re shopping online with a store that you know and trust. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Internet merchants who don’t have physical stores aren’t dependable, but it may require building up some trust by buying a few smaller items before you make bigger purchases such as a sofa or a bedroom set.

How to Buy Currency Grade Gold

Make Money With Karatbars BusinessIf you’ve been pondering how to buy currency grade gold, you need to first understand that gold isn’t actually a currency. A century ago, the U.S. dollar was literally 23.22 grains of gold — that’s pure gold, by the way, according to Forbes. In 1912, what we know as dollars and consider money today were really only promissory notes that stood in for actual dollars, again, those 20-some grains of pure gold. It’s been a long time since the U.S. dollar was backed by gold, but that doesn’t mean that neither dollars nor gold is valuable, it just means that there’s a few extra steps involved in buying gold and having a currency that you can spend and pay bills with.

Book Travel Online and Get Cashback

Book Travel Online and Get CashbackMost people use the Internet to plan vacations and routinely book travel online. How terrific would it be if you could get paid for setting up your travel plans on the web, something you already do? It happens every day for DubLi members. People who have signed up with DubLi get cash back every time they go to DubLi’s travel plaza and book hotels, flights, car rentals and entire vacation packages with travel merchants they are already used to booking with. Having access to the trusted, top name sites and getting money back when you shop with them through DubLi is just one of the terrific things about DubLi membership.

Sell My Gold

Sell My Gold There are plenty of tips for buying precious metals, but there is also advice and guidelines when you starting thinking, “I need to sell my gold.” Having a stash of the valuable metal is a useful wealth protection strategy, but there will inevitably be more than one time that you need to get money back out of your gold. When that time comes, it’s wise to be just as cautious as when you were buying gold to begin with. How you sell your gold may also depend upon what form of gold you have. Many people enjoy buying fine gold jewelry because it’s a form of gold that provides a place to park a portion of wealth plus it can be enjoyed far more than coins or bars because it’s wearable.

Cell Phone Business Opportunity

Cell Phone Business OpportunityIt sometimes seems that entrepreneurs have the Midas Touch when it comes to making it big with something as simple as a distributorship or a cell phone business opportunity. They take those businesses that others might not give a second look and somehow make runaway successes out of them. More than having a knack for business — which admittedly is a plus — successful entrepreneurs have a knack for recognizing opportunities that have the potential for being winners. If you’ve always been under the impression that this skill is an in-born gift that you don’t possess, cheer up. Discovering good business opportunities is a skill, but it’s one you can cultivate.

Build Online Income

Build Online IncomeWhen you build an online income, it can be to replace your current job or can even just be to earn some extra cash to supplement your budget or finance a vacation. The Internet provides a wide-open marketplace in which you can sell products or services to create a whole new stream of income. U.S. News and World Report lists a few ways you can make that happen, and it’s not the typical “put your junk on ebay” advice. Some of them include writing for news sites, buying and selling domain names and writing and marketing an email newsletter. The writing gigs are easier if you have knowledge in specific areas but, if you’re good at researching it’s still possible to do well with either of those ideas.

Best Cell Phone Plan Deals

Best Cell Phone Plan Deals  Sometimes the best cell phone plan deals you can find not only lock you into a contract, but lock you into a phone, too. Oh, the service provider will give you a choice of a few different phones but, if you had your eye on the Nexus 5, for instance, because of its crisp display and the longevity of the battery’s life, you may be out of luck and forced to settle for another brand/type of smartphone. Even if you love the phone you have right now and don’t want or need a new one, you might be persuaded to get a new phone when you sign up for your new cell phone plan. After all, if it’s free, it’s hard to pass on an upgrade.

How to Build Wealth From Home

How to Build Wealth From Home  It used to be when people wanted to know how to build wealth from home, investing in the stock market was the way to go. Talk around the water cooler would be of which stocks were “hot” and of people who were able to retire early because of their talent for picking winning stocks. According to CNN Money, the stock market has recovered from its trip south in 2008 but, even so, investing in the stock market has always been a risky venture. The Motley Fool points out that the stock market isn’t for amateurs and, even if you do your homework and put your money on winners, it’s still not a get-rich-quick enterprise. Assuming the companies you invest in don’t close up shop and declare bankruptcy, it still takes an average of five to 10 years before an investment has made enough of a profit that you can start withdrawing from it.

Best Way to Own Gold

Best Way to Own Gold   When investigating the best way to own gold, you’ll come across alternatives to buying actual gold. These are called ETFs, and they’re bought and sold just like any stock. That’s one reason they’re so attractive to people interested in buying gold, because they don’t have to know where to purchase gold. According to Forbes, you simply log onto your online account, find the symbol for the specific ETF you want, determine how many “shares” you’d like and with the click of a mouse, you own gold. Well, not actual gold, although your shares are backed by the precious metal, but it’s one alternative to buying actual gold.

Build My Online Income

Build My Online Income   You’ve decided an online business is the way to go and now you’re asking, “How do I build my online income?” The Internet itself contains loads of advice on developing a profitable business online, but before you know how to do it, you need to decide on what type of business you’re going to have to earn an income. Again, you’ll find endless suggestions online for businesses that others have made a profit with. Most people are familiar with the auction sites and taking surveys for money, but you can also make money with a unique idea of your own or by helping others sell their products and services as an affiliate or sales rep.

Get Free Wireless

Get Free Wireless  One of the best cell phone plan deals available would be one that allows you to get free wireless. The fees add up fast with traditional plans and if you are one of the few families still holding on to a landline, your total costs for telephone service each month can be excessive. With free cell phone service, though, your budget will get a reprieve.

Where to Purchase Gold

Where to Purchase Gold  Among the most sought after tips for buying precious metals is advice on where to purchase gold. Using the precious metal as a way to build and protect wealth has become a common practice, as the economy’s recovery is a slow process that is disputed to even be occurring. Sometimes a person can be so anxious to obtain gold, they might be quick to purchase it from the first seller they find whether it’s an e-commerce merchant on the Internet or a local gold seller. Neither one is necessarily a poor choice, but the Better Business Bureau says that it’s vital that you do your homework first. You’ll want to ensure that you’re purchasing gold from a reputable company, and you’ll also want to know the melt value of the gold you’re buying.

Get Free Cell Phone Service

Get Free Cell Phone Service

Mobile Data Service Growth

It’s not just wishful thinking: there are companies from which you can get free cell phone service. You need to shop smart, though, because once you start digging, a lot of offers aren’t as terrific as they seem on the surface. Take the free wireless service Time‘s Techland reported on that one company launched. They offered mobile data for free, and also planned on offering free texting and free voice calls, too, but you shouldn’t be surprised to find out that there is a catch.

Earn Extra Money Online From Home

Earn Extra Money Online From HomeNot everyone wants to quit their day-job or find a full-time job away from the house, but few would turn down the chance to earn extra money online from home. There are so many scams out there, however, that many people aren’t aware that it’s actually a possibility. It’s true that you have to be careful of sites that promise a lot but don’t have the facts to back up their claims. You should always do a little research on any site or program you’re considering to ensure that it’s a legitimate opportunity and that the company has been in business for three years or longer. Check out the testimonials, too, when possible. When others have given it a go first and have found success, that’s an excellent indication that you’re onto a genuine money-making opportunity.

Earn Free Wireless

Earn Free Wireless  If you’ve never thought it was possible to earn free wireless, you’re just not thinking creatively enough. Earning free service isn’t like getting something for nothing. You are earning it, essentially bartering for your cell phone service, exchanging goods or a service of your own for wireless access. Bartering might seem like an outdated concept, but nothing could be further from the truth. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, bartering is a thriving $12 billion-a-year business. It’s become so popular and lucrative that the International Reciprocal Trade Association was created to promote and regulate standards and practices.

Gold IRA Companies

Gold IRA Companies   So you’ve decided on putting your retirement money into precious metals, but you should know that there’s more involved than finding gold IRA companies to buy gold from. In the scheme of retirement planning ideas, precious metals, specifically gold, are being considered more frequently as a wise place to park retirement funds. Yet they’re still unconventional enough to be termed as an asset for a self-directed IRA. These make up about two percent of the IRAs, according to Forbes, making it a niche business. It’s not just the ultra-wealthy or the high-profile players, though, who include self-directed IRAs as part of their retirement strategy. Everyday people opt for precious metals for their self-directed IRAs.

Lightyear Wireless Business Opportunity

Lightyear Wireless BusinessIf you’re tired of the rat race and have been looking for a way to become your own boss, the Lightyear Wireless business opportunity is worth checking out. Not only is Lightyear owned by a reliable telecommunications company that’s been doing business since 1996, but it also offers you a way to create income with your cell phone. For those who want to call the shots in their own lives, such as setting their own schedules and being the masters of their own financial futures, Lightyear Wireless is the ideal business.

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