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7 Ways to Make Money Online


If you did your due diligence when you try to research proper ways of making money online, then you probably have read about suggesting 7 ways to make money online. But the Internet may be stranger than you think it is and not all ways will actually work. In any case, here are 7 ways to make money online which you may find extremely curious.

  1. Text your way to earnings. If you find yourself hollering at Jeopardy contestants because they don’t know the right response, or if you like to send unlimited number of SMS messages to your friends, this is one of the 7 ways to make money online which may be right up your alley.

One good example here is the ChaCha service. Its users send questions through text, and then in a few minutes you get an answer to your question. You can make extra money online by being one of the people who give the answers.

  1. Tutoring services. Lots of students have problems with their homework, and you can help them and get paid for it. Since you’re doing this through the Internet, you can help more students than just the kids in your neighborhood. You can also do it anytime you want, and you don’t even have to get a proper license to teach. You just have to prove to the website that you’re smart enough.
  2. Be the next Tony Robbins. Modern life has become so difficult and complicated that many people need life coaches. If you specialize on a particular subject, such as starting a business or online dating, you can share your knowledge with people eager to learn. This is one of the 7 ways to make money in which you may need an actual college degree, because reputable companies require actual proof that you’re actually an expert in your subject.
  3. Join a mock jury. Everyone does product-testing these days, from electronics manufacturers to movie companies. Now even lawyers are doing it. You can get paid as a member of their virtual jury, and your job is to provide insight on how convincing their arguments are. You give them a clearer idea of how their strategy plays out in actual court.
  4. Play games. In some sites, you get to win real money by playing games, as long as you watch a short video ad and then answering a question about it.
  5. Sell your hair. You can easily make a list of the 7 ways to make money online by listing the hundreds items you can sell, but it’s a good bet you may not have thought about selling your hair!
  6. Search for porn. You look for them so website owners can delete them from their sites. So if you’re not overly offended by prurient images, you get to spend the whole day looking at nude pictures and then getting paid for it.

The Internet is a strange place indeed, but as these 7 ways to make money online show you, it can be both strange and profitable for you as well.


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