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101 Ways to Make Money Online – #82 Tester

"101 ways to make money online tester"Companies will pay you good money to test out their products or service, and then to give your opinion of that product or service. You can test software packages, websites, video games, etc.

You can contact market research firms and ask them if you can sign up for their database or consumer panel the company uses to recruit  new respondents. There are many market research companies that will recruit people to sample their products. When you are finished testing a product, the company typically pays you some money for the time that you spent.

You can also sign up online with product testing companies. These companies send you surveys that you can complete once you sample a product. This will give the company feedback about the product. You can receive points for each product that you test, and then receive money from the company for the points that you have.

You can also very easily become a mystery or secret shopper. Companies will hire you to shop in certain places. When you are finished, you will fill out an evaluation form about your experience at the place where you shopped and turn it in. You will then be paid money for your time.

Write reviews about products that you use. If you are hired as a review writer, you will be give a product to test and sample, and then you will write a review about the product on a website. You will be paid for each review that you write, plus typically you can keep the product that you test.

Look through your local paper, as well as online, for companies that need to hire study participants. Make sure the studies that you find actually pay money for you to test their products for them. More than likely you will be asked to fill out a form or write a short report about what you think about the product.

You can also make money online testing video games. You can use your favorite search engine, such as Google or Bing, to search for game developers that will pay you to play their video games and test them. They typically will want you to report back to them with a written report on what you think of the video game, etc.

There are many ways to make money online, and one way is being a tester. You can test products, video games, and much more. If you enjoy this type of work, start doing some research today to get started and make some extra money online.

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