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101 Ways to Make Money Online – #6 Paid Online Surveys

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"paid online surveys"You can make some extra spending money by taking paid online surveys. Simply find the right survey companies and sign up on their website. They will then send you an email when they have surveys available for you to take. Pick out the best surveys that you want to take and earn money.

There has been much discussion over the years about paid online surveys and if someone could really make money doing this, and if it could really be a legitimate source of income for someone.

Most people do not understand exactly how paid online surveys work. Below I will explain exactly how you can make money from paid surveys to help you make extra money. You cannot make a lot of money, but you can make extra money.

All businesses need to have data to help them design new services or products, or to help them change current product to better suit their customers. In order to get this data, these companies will hire marketing research firms

In order to get the data that they need, they will hire marketing research firms first, and they will put together a set of questions to help them collect the data that will help them. They will put surveys online, and pay people.

How to Make Money with Paid Surveys

There are many different websites that offer a list of marketing research organizations looking for people like you to participate in survey research and get paid for sharing your opinions.

These lists are completely free for you. You will find many companies that will charge you for these lists. Do not give them your hard earned money. This is a complete scam, as you can find them yourself completely free. You can simply use Google to find a free directory of paid surveys online.

Once you find the directory of paid surveys, go ahead and sign up with five to ten companies to start out with.  You can always do more than this, but in the beginning it is much better to start out with less until you learn how everything works. You should sign up for more than one because if you sign up with just one company you will not receive that many surveys to fill out.  Signing up with multiple research firms allows you to get more surveys and make more money.

Fill Out Your Profile

Once you sign up with a few survey companies, you should take the time to fill out your profile on each website. The reason you should take your time in filling out your profile is because this helps the company get to know you better, and they will know the best surveys to send to you.

For example, if they know you are pregnant or a new mother, and that you are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed and also purchases diapers, they will send you many surveys about breastfeeding and diapers. Fill out as much information as you can on your profile.

Once you are registered and have your profile filled out, you will then start to receive surveys in your email inbox. It is very important that you take each survey that is emailed to you. Set aside some time during your day when you can sit down and take these surveys. You will always have a certain amount of time to do the survey so make sure you get it done in time. If you do not, they will take it away from you and you can’t get it back.

Get Paid

Once you start completing surveys and generate a cash balance in your account, make sure you select a payment method so you can be paid. Most survey companies will give you an option to receive a check or be paid via PayPal. Some survey companies will also offer gift cards for certain stores.

You will not get rich doing paid surveys, but you can make some extra money in your spare time.


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