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101 Ways to Make Money Online – #59 Build Websites for Smartphones

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"101 ways to make money online build websites for smartphones"You can make good money online if you have the ability to create websites to specifically fit the smartphone screen, such as the iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry. Most business want their presence known on the Internet, as well as smartphones.

Most businesses have a website online that their customers can navigate to very easily. If they do not have a website created for a smartphone, however, their customers will have a very hard time navigating through their website. Their website will not appear on a smartphone in a way that it makes it easy for them to view. This is why they need someone that knows how to build websites for smartphones, and they will pay you very well for doing this for them.

If you do not have the skills currently to build websites for smartphones, do some research online to learn how. There are many websites available that will show you how to build websites specificially for a smartphone. The user should not have to zoom in or out, or go to the left or right. Everything should be available to them on the screen just like it is on a computer screen.

You can find customers to build websites for smartphones by viewing websites on a smartphone. You can easily see if the website is smartphone friendly. If it is not, simply send the website owner an email offering your services. Figure out what other people charge for this service, and try to stay in the same range. You do not want to charge too much, or too little, for your services. You may be surprised at how many people will contact you.

Set up a website that offers your services. Show some samples of your work, and websites that you have already created for smartphones. This will allow them to see that your work is very good, and that you will be able to do the job well for them. Make sure you put contact information on your website so people can contact you.

You can also find jobs by looking on websites like Odesk, Freelance, or Elance. Many people need a website to appear on smartphones so that their customers can easily navigate through it. If you are brand new, you may not make as much money in the beginning. Get some experience and then you can raise your rates and start charging more for your services.

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