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101 Ways to Make Money Online – #31 Twitter

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"101-Ways-to-Make-Money-Online-Twitter"You can create an entire Twitter network, and once it gets large enough you can offer sponsored tweets for a fee to other online businesses. This may take time, but it can be very profitable.

Sponsored Tweets allows a brand to tap into a Twitter user’s followers to help you reach many new customers. If you give companies access to your Twitter stream, then the tweeters are paid for each advertisement that they get.

The only thing that a tweeter has to do is write a tweet based on some simple guidelines provided by the advertiser. Sponsored Tweets takes care of the rest, and will even tweet it out for you. Companies choose Twitter followers they like based on a variety of factors, including how many followers you have and how much influence you have over those followers.

Tweeters Sign Up

Setting up an account is very simple, and will only take you a few minutes to do. You do have to make sure that your account is at least 60 days old with 50 followers and 100 tweets sent. Sponsored Tweets will then review your application. Once they approve your account you can then start making money with Twitter.

Tweeters Promote a Brand on Their Own Terms

One of the great things about Sponsored Tweets is that you, as the tweeter, is in completely control of everything. If an advertiser is interested in your, and also impressed with the amount of followers that you have, they may present you with a great opportunity through your Sponsored Tweets account. They will then let you know exactly what your tweet needs to be about, and also the link that you should embed in your message.

If you do not like the company that gives you an offer you simply turn them down. If you do, however, like the company that is giving you an offer you can simply write them a tweet and ask them what their guidelines are. They will then tweet you back with all of the details and full guidelines for you to go by.

All of the tweets that you write carry full disclosure. This means that every tweet must include hash tagged text such as “#sponsored” or “#ad.” You are writing the tweet yourself, so you can write something that you are very comfortable with. When it is approved, they will send out the tweet that you wrote and will send the payment to your Sponsored Tweets account.

Tweeters Get Paid

In most cases, your Sponsored Tweets account must earn at least $50 before you can be paid the money from your account. However, if you sign up with a Pro account, you will only need to accrue $25 in your account before you can withdraw it.

You can easily upgrade your account to a Pro account for completely free for one month. You can also cancel this at any time, if you wish. After one month, you will be charged a monthly free of $1.99. A Pro account actually helps you out in that it moves you to the top of the list among other tweeters. This can actually result in more offers that you get from advertisers so this small fee is very much worth the cost.

Making money with Twitter through Sponsored Tweets does take a lot of hard work in the beginning, but it can be a great way for you to make money with your Twitter account. The harder you work means the more money you can make with Twitter. Once the initial hard work is finished, you can sit back and make some really good money using your Twitter account with Sponsored Tweets.

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