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101 Ways to Make Money – #5 Flip Websites to Make Money

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"Flip Websites to Make Money"You can make a very lucrative income flipping websites to earn extra money online. When you flip websites you can purchase a website on Flippa or other sites, or you can create your own website, fix the site up until it is getting good traffic and making high profits, and then flip the website or sell it for a much higher profit.

You should take the time to get some training if you want to flip websites to make money. It does take a certain skill set to do this business properly. You need to learn about creating websites, because you may want to create your own website instead of purchasing one. You also need to learn how to drive traffic to a website. The more traffic your website receives means the more money you can make when you sell it. You should learn about search engine optimization (SEO), keyword research and using the Google Adwords tool, as well monetizing your website (how it makes money).

The hardest part of website flipping is probably finding the right website to purchase. You want a website that you can buy for little money, which means it probably will not be making very good money or receiving a lot of visitors. You do want a website, however, that you can easily fix up so that it receives many visitors as well as makes a good profit. This can take time. Do you think that you can buy a website, fix it up and then sell it the next day. It takes time for a website to start making money and increase the visitors. During this time, however, you will be making a passive income from the website.

Once the website starts making good revenue, as well as receiving many visitors, you can place it for sale on a site like Flippa. You will typically get 10 times what it makes each month. So if your website is making $1,000 per month, you could very well sell it for $10,000. As you can see, website flipping can be very profitable. There are many people that flip websites full-time and have replaced their entire income, and actually make much more than they ever made at their full-time job.

Before undertaking a search for a website acquisition a smart web entrepreneur will stop and have a good think about what he wants the site to do and how it will fit within his overall web business strategy. Here is a list of the top strategies to consider when you purchase a new website:

  1. Buy a site that has targeted traffic for a product or service you already produce or sell. You can then work to direct traffic from the new website to your products or services by advertising, email lists or sales pages. This is a good way to establish a great customer base very fast, but you should make sure the traffic is targeted and high quality. Make sure you do not purchase a website that has high bandwidth, but does not have the type of users that you can use for revenue.
  2. Buy a site to generate advertising revenue.  In this case, you would probably not need to change very much about the website other than working to increase the traffic and also improve the performance of the advertisements on the website. A website that has very good content, but is not optimized very well is great for this strategy.
  3. Buy a site specifically to flip it quickly.This is probably the riskiest way to flip websites (day trading), because you have to find websites that are not performing well but has good potential once you fix them up. For example, an e-commerce site that is selling a well-established product that is just starting to take off online, and the current website owner is not good at SEO or any type of marketing.

There are many different options that you can use when flipping websites to make money. As you get more experience flipping sites, you will figure out even more strategies that you can use yourself.


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