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Best Online Businesses – Two Ingenious Strategies

best online businesses - two strategies

If you want to be self employed and you are searching online for a business opportunity, your biggest challenge is finding the best online businesses that are viable opportunities. According to Dartmouth College, being one’s own boss is a dream that many people have, but less than 10 percent ever achieve. Fear of failure, risk of being scammed, lack of capital or just thinking it’s simply too late to get started are just some of the excuses (Inc.) lists that are keeping people from turning their dream into reality.

Earn an Income From Home

Earn an Income From Home  When your goal is to earn an income from home, statistics can be discouraging. Take for example Blooomberg’s revelation that “About half of all new businesses fail within five years.” However, if you truly want to take control of your life, your time and your income, being your own boss and working from home is pretty much the only way to do it. When you don’t have a supervisor to report to, you can set your hours and your schedule. When you don’t have a company budget and the payroll department limiting your paycheck, you control what you make through the effort you put into your business.

Currency Grade Gold

Currency Grade Gold   If you’ve considered buying gold, you may wonder if it makes a difference whether you purchase currency grade gold, numismatic gold or gold jewelry. Purchasing gold in any of these forms can be productive, but you should know that they’re not all the same. Not only do they come in different forms, but different issues affect the value of each, so making informed purchases of gold requires knowing what affects the prices of each.

Create Income With Your Household Items

Create Income With Your Household ItemsWouldn’t it be terrific if you could create income with your household items? Put equipment and possessions you already own to work for you to bring in some extra money or enough of a paycheck so you could say bye-bye to your j-o-b? Looking around your own home might not immediately result in a wealth of ideas for making money, but you really can create an income out of seemingly “thin air” if you understand what people pay for. There are actually a number of different ways you can make money with normal household items.

Buy Gold Bullion Online

Buy Gold Bullion OnlineIf you’ve decided that trading in some of your paper fiat money for gold is a wise move for protecting your wealth, you should buy gold bullion online. The “online” aspect of buying gold is mostly for convenience. You can find gold in many forms for sale locally or at least in your region, but nothing beats shopping for and buying bullion in the comfort of your own home. Additionally, you will definitely want to concentrate on physical gold rather than trading futures or putting your money in certificates and gold companies.

Creative Way to Make Money

Creative Way to Make Money   If you’ve had your fill of the typical nine to five job, a creative way to make money is the solution for your j-o-b malaise. Typically the ideas for alternatives to traditional incomes are all similar to the ones CNN lists such as starting your own business or ways to earn extra money online from home. On the surface, those recommendations sound like terrific suggestions, but they’re not very specific. Start a business doing what? Earn extra money online how? The really useful ideas are specific ones, and they’re even more helpful if they’re imaginative.

Best Cellphone Plans

Best Cell Phone Plans  It’s tough to pick out which are the best cellphone plans when every commercial you see is for a different wireless carrier. They all claim to offer you more, but they don’t make it easy to compare their plans to the other guys. Everyone seems similar on the surface, but there are what pass as “small” differences in the service, coverage area, data plans and roaming capabilities that don’t end up being so small once you’re able to decipher what those differences mean.

Single Mom Business Ideas

Single Mom Business Ideas  The typical advice for single mom business ideas tend to be the same few proposals: running a daycare, blogging or designing websites. Entrepreneur, however, gets good marks for coming up with not just one creative way to make money, but 20 business ideas for moms. The great thing about the Entrepreneur list is that it goes beyond the obvious and taps into skills you might have that can be valuable to others. Some of them include grant writing, college application or financial aid planning and consulting or cooking for others as a personal chef. The lesson here is to analyze what your strengths are as well as what you love to do and build a business around them.

Save Money and Make Money

Save Money and Make Money  With country’s economic state taking its own sweet time to fully recuperate, most Americans are on the lookout for ways to save money and make money. It’s nice if you can do it at your own pace, but sometimes circumstances beyond your control take over and force you to get creative with your finances. Take the example of Brian O’Connor. The Financial Post reports on O’Connor’s success in cutting $1,000 from his household budget, but only after he was put in a precarious financial situation through a combination of unfortunate events. Still, saving $1,000 each month translates to $12,000 annually — a pretty good start in getting finances under control.

Buying Precious Metals Online Business

Precious Metals Online StoreThe Internet provides many ways to earn extra income, whether you’re auctioning off unused household items or buying precious metals online and reselling. You can’t deny that many people have made their fortunes online, but it’s not necessarily for everyone. For most online ventures, you should start out by examining your situation and personality type to determine if being an online merchant is right for you. Even if the answer is “yes,” you still don’t get to pass go right away. There are additional questions you need to ask before you can open your virtual doors for business.

Where Can I Buy Gold Bullion

Where Can I Buy Gold Bullion  As you’ve been pondering the question, “Where can I buy gold bullion?” have you ever wondered why you should even buy it? Obviously, it’s valuable — but why is it so valuable? It’s fairly unexciting compared to its periodic table compatriots, yet it is one of the most valued. The easy answer is that it’s precious because pretty much everyone on the planet agrees on its worth. There’s actually a more in-depth answer, though, and it’s as interesting as it is logical. In the end, though, it’s just as important to know where not to buy gold as it is to find reputable gold sellers.

Single Moms Make Extra Money From

blocksIt used to be common for single moms to make extra money from opening a childcare center in their homes. It was a logical move, one that capitalized on their expertise and love of caring for children and it allowed them to stay at home with their own kids while earning an income. Daycares in private homes are still a way for moms to build more income, but regulations have become more stringent than they used to be. With state and federal governments keeping an eye on childcare, a person can no longer simply open her door and start taking in children.

Online Home Business Opportunities

Online Home Business Opportunities There is no shortage of online home business opportunities, but it’s difficult to determine which ones are legit and which ones would be a good fit for you. After all, you do want to work from home and it only makes sense to take advantage of the world wide web, as the Internet alleviates or eliminates many overhead costs. It’s essential that you like what you do, however, and that you are good at doing it. You can’t build online income if you have problems grasping the process of the opportunity you’ve chosen. Additionally, you’ll find it difficult to put in the necessary hours each day to make a go of it if you don’t like what you’re doing.

Make Money With Your Cellphone

Make Money With Your CellphoneYour mobile phone has always cost you money, starting with the amount you paid to purchase it, so it’s not unreasonable to want to reverse the trend and actually make money with your cellphone. The population has come to rely on their mobile phones, and most people become numb to the cost, unquestioningly paying the bill each month. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a way that you could make your essential little device pay its own way, or at least contribute to the household expenses. Some may only pay in credits or reward points, but anything that can be used to purchase items you need, or can go toward a recurring bill is just like money in the bank.

Single Moms Make Extra Money

Single Moms Make Extra Money  Sometimes single moms make extra money through public assistance. A 2014 Huffington Post article outlines how, although it’s not “cash in hand,”  assistance such as WIC, Medicare and food stamps are vital for women who have at least one child, an hourly job and no spouse or partner to contribute. The fact that single moms already know is that, even with this useful assistance, most of their paycheck goes toward childcare, turning a job outside of the home into a dead-end cycle that includes forfeiting essential time with their children 40 or more hours a week and still not having enough money to make ends meet.

Online Work at Home Opportunities

Online Work at Home OpportunitiesOnline work at home opportunities provide a way for you to earn an income from home. At least, that’s the idea. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of work-from-home scams out there for every one legitimate opportunity. That’s why if you do an Internet search to find work at home jobs, you’ll get pages and pages of results. According to CBS Denver, the words “telecommute,” “remote work,” “telework” and “work at home” are all on the FBI’s top scam words list. It can be discouraging, but people who are serious about landing a job that they can work from the comfort and convenience of their own home shouldn’t let that deter them. There may be fewer legitimate jobs than there are scams, but they are out there.

Earn a Residual Income

Earn-a-residual-incomeUnemployment doesn’t have to be all bad — especially if you earn a residual income. Also known as passive income, a residual income is a way for you to bring in money without working. That’s not to say that it is money for nothing; you do have to put in some effort at the beginning to get your residual stream of income up and running. Once it is, though, you won’t have to do much more than monitor it to keep things flowing smoothly, and maybe put in a little effort now and then to “tweak” things if you see that an adjustment is necessary.

Best Way to Purchase Gold

Best Way to Purchase GoldWhen looking for great deals, some people figure the best way to purchase gold is to visit a pawn shop. According to Money Crashers, jewelry is among the top three things that are excellent buys at pawn shops, often made more than affordable at prices that are half of what you would pay at a jewelry store. That is jewelry, however. If you want to buy currency-grade gold in the form of coins, for instance, you’ll pay anywhere from three percent above market value and up.  Pawn brokers need to make a living, too, after all. That’s why, no matter where you decide to purchase gold, it’s in your best interest to research the market and know the current gold prices before you go shopping.

Best Residual Income Business

best residual income businessFinding the best residual income business is a terrific way to supplement your earnings, create an income for retirement or even get you to retirement quicker. Real estate and selling services are just two ways to create streams of residual income.

If you’ve been looking for a way to supplement your earnings, create an income for retirement or even get to retirement faster, you’ve likely come across ideas for the best residual income business, or at least the advice that you should look for that type of business. Most all personal finance specialists recommend residual income as the solution to wealth building, financial independence and/or early retirement.

Ways for Single Moms to Make Extra Money

ways for single moms to make extra moneyResource and Referral Agencies, or “Child Care Aware,” reports that childcare can cost up to $20,200 annually, causing women to look for ways for single moms to make extra money. Often, trying to bring in some additional income can turn into a catch-22. Working more takes you out of the home more, which can incur additional childcare costs. You end up simply working to pay the childcare provider. In that light, it hardly seems worth it to put in the extra hours, but when you’re faced with more month at the end of your money, you feel compelled to take action.

Small Home Business Ideas

Small home business ideasMore time with the family and escaping the bonds of a j-o-b are top reasons that many people try to come up with small home business ideas. The thought is, if you can create a home business, you can quit being a slave to the grind and become a more active presence in your family’s life. The Small Business Administration cautions people interested in starting a home-base business to take stock before taking action. Consider the aspects that factor into running a business from home such as:

  • Will your living arrangements have to be adjusted to accommodate the new business?

Make Money Selling Gold

Make money selling goldIf you’ve tried to make money selling gold through traditional avenues, you may be disillusioned. The gold party craze is still in full-swing, but people who have tried that route to make money with gold have come up on the short end of the stick. Even those who have taken to the internet to sell their golden trinkets may get a mixed response, depending on the sites they choose to deal with. Earning some extra cash, or even creating a home-based business by selling gold is possible, but you should explore more than one method and know what you’re getting into before you jump in.

Best Part Time Businesses

Best part time business - never too lateWhether your goal is to bring in some extra income, or you want to make the shift from being employed to being your own boss, the best part time businesses are the solution you’re looking for. Taking on a business part-time will allow you to ease into being a full-time entrepreneur instead of being thrown in head-first. You’ll have time to get the hang of it while still earning a paycheck from your full-time job, so you won’t have to deal with loss of income while your business is getting up and running. Having a side-business does wonders for your attitude, too. The knowledge that you have alternatives makes it easier to go into the office each day and deal with bosses, coworkers and disgruntled customers.

Earn a Residual Income Online

Earn a Residual Income Online There could be a million reasons for you wanting to earn a residual income online. Online businesses offer many perks including the fact that they’re open 24 hours a day, seven days a week including holidays. A brick and mortar store that kept the same hours would have to be staffed, heated or cooled and would need to be insured. You’ll have relatively small, manageable start-up costs and won’t have to worry about making payroll every two weeks or so. Add to that the luxuries of being your own boss, being able to work from anywhere that has internet access and having much more control over your income and you’ll see why many people have ditched corporate employment to become entrepreneurs.

Where Can I Buy Gold?

Where Can I Buy Gold?Instead of asking, “Where can I buy gold?” maybe you’ve considered going to the source. You know, finding it naturally — mining it — instead of buying it from a seller. If you have an interest in mining, you’re not alone. The public’s obsession with gold and mining is evidenced by the popularity of such programs as Gold Rush, Bearing Sea Gold, Klondike and Jungle Gold, all shows from the Discovery Channel. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Gold Rush takes high honors as the number one show on cable on Friday nights. It’s easy to catch the mining bug after watching just one episode of any of these programs. There are a couple of ways to find gold that are easier than panning or pick-axing, though.

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