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Best Online Businesses – Two Enterprising Strategies

make extra money online from home

If you want to be self employed and you are searching online for a business opportunity, your biggest challenge is finding the best online businesses that are viable opportunities. According to Dartmouth College, being one’s own boss is a dream that many people have, but less than 10 percent ever achieve. Fear of failure, risk of being scammed, lack of capital or just thinking it’s simply too late to get started are just some of the excuses (Inc.) lists that are keeping people from turning their dream into reality.

Best Way to Purchase Gold

Best Way to Purchase GoldWhen looking for great deals, some people figure the best way to purchase gold is to visit a pawn shop. According to Money Crashers, jewelry is among the top three things that are excellent buys at pawn shops, often made more than affordable at prices that are half of what you would pay at a jewelry store. That is jewelry, however. If you want to buy currency-grade gold in the form of coins, for instance, you’ll pay anywhere from three percent above market value and up.  Pawn brokers need to make a living, too, after all. That’s why, no matter where you decide to purchase gold, it’s in your best interest to research the market and know the current gold prices before you go shopping.

Best Residual Income Business

best residual income businessFinding the best residual income business is a terrific way to supplement your earnings, create an income for retirement or even get you to retirement quicker. Real estate and selling services are just two ways to create streams of residual income.

If you’ve been looking for a way to supplement your earnings, create an income for retirement or even get to retirement faster, you’ve likely come across ideas for the best residual income business, or at least the advice that you should look for that type of business. Most all personal finance specialists recommend residual income as the solution to wealth building, financial independence and/or early retirement.

Ways for Single Moms to Make Extra Money

ways for single moms to make extra moneyResource and Referral Agencies, or “Child Care Aware,” reports that childcare can cost up to $20,200 annually, causing women to look for ways for single moms to make extra money. Often, trying to bring in some additional income can turn into a catch-22. Working more takes you out of the home more, which can incur additional childcare costs. You end up simply working to pay the childcare provider. In that light, it hardly seems worth it to put in the extra hours, but when you’re faced with more month at the end of your money, you feel compelled to take action.

Small Home Business Ideas

Small home business ideasMore time with the family and escaping the bonds of a j-o-b are top reasons that many people try to come up with small home business ideas. The thought is, if you can create a home business, you can quit being a slave to the grind and become a more active presence in your family’s life. The Small Business Administration cautions people interested in starting a home-base business to take stock before taking action. Consider the aspects that factor into running a business from home such as:

  • Will your living arrangements have to be adjusted to accommodate the new business?

Make Money Selling Gold

Make money selling goldIf you’ve tried to make money selling gold through traditional avenues, you may be disillusioned. The gold party craze is still in full-swing, but people who have tried that route to make money with gold have come up on the short end of the stick. Even those who have taken to the internet to sell their golden trinkets may get a mixed response, depending on the sites they choose to deal with. Earning some extra cash, or even creating a home-based business by selling gold is possible, but you should explore more than one method and know what you’re getting into before you jump in.

Best Part Time Businesses

Best part time business - never too lateWhether your goal is to bring in some extra income, or you want to make the shift from being employed to being your own boss, the best part time businesses are the solution you’re looking for. Taking on a business part-time will allow you to ease into being a full-time entrepreneur instead of being thrown in head-first. You’ll have time to get the hang of it while still earning a paycheck from your full-time job, so you won’t have to deal with loss of income while your business is getting up and running. Having a side-business does wonders for your attitude, too. The knowledge that you have alternatives makes it easier to go into the office each day and deal with bosses, coworkers and disgruntled customers.

Earn a Residual Income Online

Earn a Residual Income Online There could be a million reasons for you wanting to earn a residual income online. Online businesses offer many perks including the fact that they’re open 24 hours a day, seven days a week including holidays. A brick and mortar store that kept the same hours would have to be staffed, heated or cooled and would need to be insured. You’ll have relatively small, manageable start-up costs and won’t have to worry about making payroll every two weeks or so. Add to that the luxuries of being your own boss, being able to work from anywhere that has internet access and having much more control over your income and you’ll see why many people have ditched corporate employment to become entrepreneurs.

Where Can I Buy Gold?

Where Can I Buy Gold?Instead of asking, “Where can I buy gold?” maybe you’ve considered going to the source. You know, finding it naturally — mining it — instead of buying it from a seller. If you have an interest in mining, you’re not alone. The public’s obsession with gold and mining is evidenced by the popularity of such programs as Gold Rush, Bearing Sea Gold, Klondike and Jungle Gold, all shows from the Discovery Channel. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Gold Rush takes high honors as the number one show on cable on Friday nights. It’s easy to catch the mining bug after watching just one episode of any of these programs. There are a couple of ways to find gold that are easier than panning or pick-axing, though.

Home Business for Single Moms

Home Business for Single Moms  It’s tough enough for married mothers to work outside the home, so a home business for single moms can be a blessing. Finding a way to mesh the work that brings in the paycheck with your family life makes it easier to keep your focus where it needs to be. Make no mistake: it won’t be a cakewalk, but the flexibility you’ll have to be there for your kids while still being able to provide for them is worth the juggling act you’ll perfect as you settle into running a business from home.

Karatbars Gold

Karatbars goldIf you’ve been looking into ways to buy gold, you’re likely aware of the top gold sellers including Karatbars gold. This e-commerce company offers a unique affiliate opportunity for buying and selling gold that allows even those with limited funds to protect and even build wealth through owning gold. Karatbars starts off by offering gold in small sizes, selling gold per gram and making it affordable for just about anyone. The affiliate program pays commissions and bonuses, but even offers free gold as part of the compensation plan. It sounds like a terrific offer, but maybe you’re cautious about buying gold from an e-commerce seller.

Create a Home Business

Create a Home Business  If being your own boss appeals to you, you can either create a home business or buy into a franchise. As with most things in life, each has its pros and cons. For example, franchises come with the groundwork already laid. There’s obviously a market for the franchise’s products or services, or else there would be no franchising opportunity. Franchises typically come with business plans that are essentially step-by-step outlines that all but guarantee your success. Some franchises even come with professionally-designed websites and other marketing materials to give you an additional leg-up in getting started.

Gold Per Gram

gold per gramYou may know the price of gold per gram, but that doesn’t mean it’s what you can expect if you choose to sell off some of  your jewelry. Since gold prices spiked along with the unemployment rate, the trend has been to sell off jewelry with no sentimental value. CNN Money reminds people who want to make money selling gold trinkets that the weight of the item along with the karat weight are the determining factors in what you can expect to make. For example, 18-karat gold is only about 75 percent pure gold while 10-karat gold has even less pure gold content, only around 42 percent. With those numbers in mind, an 10-karat piece would only bring in 42 percent of the current gold price per gram at any given time.

Best Cell Phone Plans

search for best cell phone plansIn the quest for a lower cell phone bill, you spend hours reviewing the best cell phone plans looking for the one that will really save you money. When even CNN Money bemoans choosing a cell phone plan to be a headache, you know that it’s a project fraught with confusing information that will ultimately lead to frustration. All of the “big” wireless providers essentially offer the same perks and services, at least on the surface. When you really get into the thick of the perplexing verbiage of the contracts, though, you find that what sounds like a terrific deal can end up being not so great.

Buy Real Gold

buy real goldYou couldn’t be tricked into buying a gold foil-wrapped chocolate if what you really wanted was to buy real gold. It is possible, though, to mistake a very good counterfeit for the real thing. You can tell if the gold you are considering buying is real using a few old tricks from gold dealers. For example, high school chemistry class should have taught you that gold isn’t magnetic. That being the case, if you place a magnet on a gold piece, it should not stick. Usually phony gold pieces are made from magnetic metals, even magnetic silver alloy, that will attract a magnet and produce a big, red flag.

Simple Online Startup

simple online startupThe economy is supposedly on the mend but with lingering doubt in the recovery, now is the best time to act on the simple online startup you’ve been considering. When using the Internet for extra income, you can typically get up and going with minimal cost. Additionally, current technology is user-friendly. If you’ve mastered your smart phone and your laptop, you should be able to navigate the waters of online entrepreneurialism. If you don’t already have an idea for your startup,  be assured that there are plenty of ways you can use the Internet to build a business of your own. However, online businesses aren’t “one size fits all,” as Entrepreneur points out. Don’t just jump into the first opportunity you come across. Instead, find one that interests you, one that fills a void in your own life.

Earn a Residual Income From Home

Earn a residual income from homeThere’s no better time than the present to earn a residual income from home and recession-proof your wealth. Diversifying your income and putting passive income producers in place are just two smart moves you can make to keep your finances flowing during a recession, according to Wealth Wire. That means creating more than one stream of income and finding an asset or business that continues to pay you month after month with a one-time effort, such as buying real estate or selling a product or service for residual commissions.

Lower Cell Phone Bill

lower cell phone billA lower cell phone bill can go a long way when you’re tightening your monthly budget. The best way to pare down your spending is to look at your monthly expenditures, according to Daily Finance. While it’s possible to get a grip on your finances by cutting out the coffee house lattes and eating out less, cell phone bills are typically one of those budget items that you tend to feel you have no control over. If you do feel that way, however, you probably haven’t done much shopping around. There are better cell phone plans out there, you just have to look to find them.

Gold Savings Account

happy with gold savings planWhen it comes to advice on savings strategies, a gold savings account is rarely included as an option for building wealth. A private gold account may be considered an alternative to the more traditional accounts such as the online accounts, money market accounts, certificates of deposit and regular savings accounts Investopedia lists. Considering the lack of confidence in the monetary system, however, saving gold is more reasonable than the “traditional” ways to preserve and build wealth.

Real Online Success

Real online successReal online success isn’t an elusive goal or one that can only be reached by those with a business degree. In fact, Entrepreneur magazine outlines online success in seven steps. Whether or not they’re easy steps depends on how far ahead of the game you are. For instance, the first step is to fill a need for consumers. If you’ve already identified a need in the marketplace then step one is already taken care of for you. On the other hand, if you have the ambition to run your own business but are stalled on the first step, take a look at your own life to determine which things you wish you had help with.

From Lightyear Wireless

Service from Lightyear WirelessIf you are still wishing for a more affordable cell phone plan, you’re one of the few who hasn’t found out about mobile phone service from Lightyear Wireless. Even before the economy took a dive people were already looking for ways to cut household costs by dumping their landlines and using their cellular phones as the sole source of telecommunication. It still makes sense: only pay for one phone line, keeping the one that you can take with you anywhere. However, smartphones were already nudging basic wireless models to the side, and with the increased use of these technological marvels came the increased cost of using them.

Precious Metals Online Store

Precious Metals Online StoreIn the interest of diversifying your investments, maybe you’ve visited a precious metals online store or two. You may have traditional stocks and/or bonds, but you know that expanding your investments to include ones that actually do well when inflation drives dollar values down is essential. Additionally, Forbes points out that buying precious metals during a time when the Federal Reserve is inflating the supply of money acts as a refuge for your wealth, bolstering it with a commodity that will always retain some form of value. That means that, no matter what the market is doing, any time is the right time to buy precious metals. When gold prices are down, you can accumulate more for your money, and when prices are up, even purchasing a few grams here and there will serve to expand your investment.

Make Money Using Your Phone

Make Money Using Your Phone  Financial advice columns are usually good resources for generating money-making ideas, but even their list of unusual ways to make extra cash don’t include the advice to make money using your phone. Daily Finance goes so far as to cautiously recommend payday loans, pilfering from your IRA or even accessing the cash value of your life insurance. Although those tactics can be useful for getting instant access to funds, there are financial repercussions to consider.

Gold Savings Plan

Why you need a Gold Savings PlanIf you’re one of the 49 percent of Americans who LIMRA reports aren’t contributing to a savings account, you likely don’t have a gold savings plan either. Additionally, if you aren’t saving for emergencies and the future in any form at all, you probably don’t consider a private gold account a necessity. There’s a reason, though, that economists and wise parents advise setting aside three to six months of your salary, and it has everything to do with Murphy’s Law. To paraphrase: if something can go wrong, it will.

Earn Free Wireless Service

Earn Free Wireless Service  Of the 110 wireless service providers in the United States, not many give their customers the option to earn free wireless service. Those providers are, after all, in business to make money, not to give their services for free. The problem with their philosophy is that it’s outdated. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make money providing a service, but wireless companies that encourage their customers to spread the good news of their terrific services and affordable prices through offering free service understand that strategy to be a valuable marketing tool.

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